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News! Early April…

May 31, 2014

So, what did I miss?

  • An article on Gnoetry Daily in electronic book review! Mentions our compilation volume, some related generators, eRoGK7’s Stein gnoems, Elshtains selections, and some of my stuff. Thanks, Chris!
  • oh man I can’t believe I missed this: National Novel Generation Month! Here’s some discussion. I was starting to do something like this when my last laptop died (taking with it a full remix of “At the Mountains of Madness”!)
  • mmelnicki’s Spines art project at Burning Man included several books of computer-generated poetry!
  • Computers and the Arts” by Dick Higgins (1968) unearthed and digitized by Lori Emerson. “The onus is on the artist, not his (sic!) tools, to do good work.”
  • hold on, this blog has ads? frickin’ wordpress… where’s my wallet?
  • “whoever made this is a genius,” this kid I know, on first trying JanusNode
  • Rumor has it Gnoetry Daily Volume 2 is in the works… speak now if you want in…


You, sir, are a kook. Well done. (UPDATE: I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course. In fact, Mr. Shute also has another great video on the mechanics behind the generation, including a consideration of techniques for authoring by constraining the number of items per track, and matching those numbers over the stanza.)

And, “based on the Internal Vowel Combustion Engine of 1856… used by Keats and Yeats in their early work… which is complete nonsense since Keats died in 1821 I believe” (LOL! I gotta admit you had me there a minute…)

I want to be exactly like this guy when I grow up.

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