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July 3, 2014
  • killer article on interactive poetry generators: Reading the Drones at eliterature 2014. a strong focus on JanusNode and other generators, says: “Some of the most interesting contemporary poetry is written in collaboration with [Interactive Poetry Generators] and is yet to receive the critical attention it deserves – see, for example, the Gnoetry Daily group blog and Eric Elshtain’s Beard of Bees press.” word! (thanks for pointing it out, Nick!)
  • a Turing test for poetry:! of particular amusement is the fact that in their leaderboard, 4 of the top 5 poems in the “Most computer-like computer poems” (i.e. computer-generated poems that were correctly identified as computer-generated) were produced by jGnoetry. Of the “Most human-like computer poems”, 2 of the top 5 are by JanusNode. But see, that’s why I don’t like that whole “try to fool people into thinking a computer-generated poem is actually human-generated” angle. The whole point of jGnoetry is that you spend time during interactive generation to make it interesting… that way it’s yours, but it isn’t as computer-generated. With JanusNode, all the work is done beforehand to make it human-like, but it isn’t really yours… and since it was so carefully human-authored, is it really solely computer-generated? Still, the website is a neat idea, check it out!
  • Yet again, I missed the Computational Linguistics for Literature workshop. There seemed to be fewer talks this year, though, and nothing really on poetry or generation…
  • the code poetry slam isn’t completely about poetry generation, but it’s still kind of cool…
  • an interesting story about text generation with Markov chains from the writer of the infamous Scientific American “computer recreations” column that introduced the idea to north america
  • no more ads on Gnoetry Daily! when did they start adding ads anyway? screw you,!
  • the always-interesting poetry with mathematics blog had some interesting posts over the past year, including oulipo-esque symmetric squares and growing lines, as well as poetry with mathematics readings!
  • in the every-growing tradition of twitter bots… @pentametron!
  • just so you know… Gnoetry Daily Volume 2 is in the works!!1!!
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  1. nathanielksmith permalink
    July 11, 2014 9:40 am

    Ah, I’m glad the poetry slam got mentioned :) I meant to do a write up after my participation and never got around to it…

    This is a great roundup, thanks!

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