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Infinite Monkeys 3.4.0

July 18, 2014

Hello All!

I have finally gotten around to finishing and updating IM3’s new scripting language (JSB).


JSB is a major upgrade for a couple of different reasons. Namely, the base variable type is based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and that makes is easier to import or export information to or from JSB/IM3. Secondly, the language is just more powerful, and better constructed, and it because it has a more JavaScript-like syntax should be easier for people to pick up as opposed to SMUP which like Lisp except crappier.


Here is an example of JSB (with output)

var s = "";

s += JJ + " " + NNS + newline;
s += JJ + " " + NNS + newline;
s += "the " + NN + " of " + NNS;

print( s );
out( s );



limpid environics
brandname corticosteroids
the pollio of housings


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