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She keeps you

January 7, 2016

She keeps you with vilest worms
She gave me for nothing new
I took from each side in love
In love

– – –
Dec 29 2015, Jan 6 2016.
Interactive bigram generation with jGnoetry, language model: Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Tzara – To make a Dadaist poem, Lessig – Free Culture Ch 2 “Mere Copyists”, Joy Division – lyrics. Voice rendered with UTAU, voice model: Trem.

Hi. Has it really been a year and a half? Golly. Everything’s a little confusing. OK.

For this, I was trying out UTAU. So every time I generated a word, I made sure it sounded OK with the voice I was using. I think I had a technique number for that. I dunno. I gotta look.


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