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Hi, from JSBHG

May 12, 2021

Come over Facing

come over facing
soaking me up
to eat supper and branch
and dried herbs
in the nearby midnight

come again noticing
my back is red
all of an hour
when I was assassin
of fierce coffees

come true when her mouth
and grandeur pick out
of the fantasy dancing
youth via pants laced
fabulous fashion divine

come into the next three slender
come by the backseat
the sky the mud
come by slowing and starts
gardens of emptiness
gardens of us (this blanket off)
and into being the longest french kiss

generator: Robochain 0.1, corpi: Rimbaud Illuminations (Fowlie), 19th century plants, penthouse forums 1978

note: If anyone is interested, I can post more of who I am and what techniques I’m using.  Apologies for the brevity of meta info. :)

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