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GnoetryLeaks: Damned Qadhafi

May 22, 2011

But it is not a
private farm to nirvana,
there had been public

cinemas, sports leagues and some
smaller shops in the most grand

and brilliant spots seen
on the ground for half a mile
away.  The New York.

Department store Marks
and Spencer as a state of
terrorism, though

Trupiano said that they
came upon the system.  In

his own gilded cage
and audit, be met again
in Stockholm?  I think.

The dean of hailstones
the lavish spending of Gulf
Arabs, the other.

I can find only two things
to the general board of

infrastructure and
development, that only
water and Lyell.

In some strange way to
experience the status
quo and a half, but

only in implementing
the next night the lights had fled

from him.  As distinct
from vegetables, animals
do not fall behind.

In the wind’s eye.  Like
cannon balls have fallen from
the Sahara is

a description of a thing
of the link between the two

great commandments: thou
shalt try.  In la nature, I
find.  He, a red rain.

Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned
Wikileaks, Qadhafi Cables

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  1. May 23, 2011 6:32 pm

    A post about automatic speech recognition and sports.

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